sabato 30 giugno 2012

'Interesting times', as they say... !

April, then the last day of June! Wow, time presses on... I won't bore you again with the details about why it takes me so long to post here, suffice it to say that I have been rather busy - luckily! As the economical juncture gently squeezes life out of most of the endeavors I am involved with, at least I can say I tried to do something about it.

But always look at the bright side of life! Here I have a couple of things to share... one is a snapshot of a game that I am developing that will probably tell something only to the most hardcore Tolkien (or WotR...) fanatics - but that I won't reveal right now, to leave whoever is interested a chance to guess...

Another is a document presenting a small tweak to the journey rules of The One Ring rpg that I came up with some time ago, when a few comments about the amount of dice-rolling involved with journeying started to pop up around the web. I am pretty happy about how this revised mechanic speeds up play, in my opinion making the whole process more fun and flavourful at the same time - also, it makes it more of a 'group effort', something that in a game about fellowships is never a bad thing!
If any of you wants to try the mechanics, just replace the appropriate step in the journey process, as specified in the document I prepared for you guys - let me know if you like it! It might end up being published somewhere sooner or later...

TOR Journey resolution revised (link removed! See the post for the 23rd of August)

And now for the final bit of happy news (at least for me): thanks to a very nice Norwegian friend who is going to let us stay in their house, I'll be heading to Oslo next week with my family. Fjords! Viking ships! Stave churches! Draugr! Naglfar! Well, maybe not the last couple ones... :)


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  1. That looks like Erebor, the entrance to the Halls, the source of the Celduin, maybe Dale and possibly even Ravenhill, although that should be on a southward spur of the mountain, not eastward!

  2. In fact, Ravenhill is on the other spur, the one that is off camera to the left! :)