mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

Back from the Apocalypse!

I am back in Venice, after the six-days trip to Edinburgh for Conpulsion 2012! I had a fantastic time, thanks to the marvellous people I met there. Gregor Hutton, Phil Harris, Cat Tobin and their friends made sure I enjoyed the visit, caring for me and showing me around Edinburgh. Particular thanks go to Gregor, who made sure my luggage was packed with games, books and t-shirts on the return trip, and among other things has made me want to write an indie style rpg... I actually started on the plane! ;)

Also, many thanks go to all the green and blue shirts I saw every day at the con working to make sure everything was going well - the end result has been amazing, to everyone who attended the various seminars I was in, and my fellow players in the TOR game conducted by Gar - Liam, Steven, Gecko, Jo, Charles, and the other guy I couldn't grasp the name, sorry! I enjoyed myself a lot playing with you! Finally, I have met a lot of really nice individuals, gamers and professionals, and I hope I'll meet them again. I chatted pleasantly at the pub with artists like Dave Allsop, Andrew Hepworth and Scott Neill (Scotty?), and kindred spirits like Stuart Boon and Georgios Panagiotidis (aka Jo) to name a few.

The convention has also given me the chance to meet for the first time most of the people who work with me on The One Ring: I got to meet our fundamental pillars - Jon Hodgson (plus his lovely wife Nina) and Paul Bourne, and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, whose talent is turning into reality a number of books I could only wish one day would exist. Dominic McDowall was there with us too, and we even put together a twenty minutes business meeting at a local Starbucks! New things coming up for all TOR fans...

From the left: Gareth Hanrahan, Cat Tobin, Phil Harris, Gregor Hutton and Paul Bourne posing on the Antonine Wall.

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