venerdì 24 febbraio 2012

Now look at that...

The picture above comes from Jan Pospíšil's blog found here. It was brought to my attention by TOR's very own Jon Hodgson, who unsurprisingly enough seems to feel a strong artistic bond with Jan (also known as Merlkir).

I was familiar with Jan's previous work, but something about this one strikes me as so just right. So, I wonder, is there anyone who like Jon wants to see more Middle-earth stuff from this talented czech artist? I certainly do.

giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

Inner workings

When you design a game and go to great lengths to do something, you are bound to ask yourself whether anyone will ever appreciate the effort, or even be aware of the effort itself! So, when I read something like what Brian writes in his blog about TOR's skill points distribution among the various cultures of Wilderland, I see that all the hours I poured in them weren't really spent in vain...

TOR's cultural skills

Brian's commentary makes for an insightful read, one that could be profitable for anyone about to create a character for The One Ring. And surprisingly enough, I agree with most of his conclusions. Which is something, considering that Tolkien readers find reasons to disagree very easily on matters concerning Middle-earth! :)