giovedì 23 febbraio 2012

Inner workings

When you design a game and go to great lengths to do something, you are bound to ask yourself whether anyone will ever appreciate the effort, or even be aware of the effort itself! So, when I read something like what Brian writes in his blog about TOR's skill points distribution among the various cultures of Wilderland, I see that all the hours I poured in them weren't really spent in vain...

TOR's cultural skills

Brian's commentary makes for an insightful read, one that could be profitable for anyone about to create a character for The One Ring. And surprisingly enough, I agree with most of his conclusions. Which is something, considering that Tolkien readers find reasons to disagree very easily on matters concerning Middle-earth! :)

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  1. Thanks for the interest in my post :)

    Your efforts are definitely appreciated, and The One Ring is a phenomenal game because of them. I'm really looking forward to future products, and it's refreshing to see a designer take such an active interest in having dialogue with the fans (I noticed that you comment fairly frequently on the Cubicle 7 forums as well).

    Keep up the amazing work!

  2. What did you think about the idea to trade Battle for Inspire with the Beorning culture?

  3. Hi James. I see Battle as the knowledge of battle tactics, especially the maneuvering of combatants as groups, something that I see as unlikely in an individualistic culture as the Beornings. Historically, the berserker is the antithesis to the 'disciplined soldier', and for this and other reasons considered 'antisocial' and dangerous. On the other hand, a frenzied warrior diving headlong into the fray is very likely to inspire his fellow combatants by example.

  4. Thank you. It is always good to hear the designer's thoughts on these issues. I thoroughly enjoyed the videos that Cubicle7 released at the very beginning of launching The One Ring. I watched you talk about the game and Jon showed us his illustrations. Videos along those lines for future supplements and releases would be awesome. It would also be good just to see you and hear you explaining some of the key issues that pop up on the Cubicle7 forum.