mercoledì 25 gennaio 2012

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Well, well, it seems all too likely that next April I will be flying to Edinburgh to attend Conpulsion 2012! I am very happy that this is happening, and I wish to thank Gregor Hutton for inviting me (I am sure there will be more people to thank, but I will be more thorough when the thing will be official).

I am really excited at the prospect of visiting Edinburgh, as I have never been to Scotland before, and it's fantastic to have the chance to go there thanks to a game. I'll get to see somewhere new, I'll get to meet many friends I only met through the internet so far (see you there, Jon! Is Paul going to be there too?) and I'll get to see some of the gamers that basically made this thing happen. Can't really wait for this...

Alright, enough for something that is yet to be confirmed. I'll better go back under my little rock, to work on those things we planned for 2012 that should soon be made public... ;)

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  1. Good luck in your travel! I'll be waiting for those public news... TOR:AotEotW GM Screen? :D

  2. That, and more! :)
    But first what is public already: the release of Tales from Wilderland. What I hope will be soon clear is that TfW is really much more than a simple adventure collection... I think its pages really capture the feel of what we think a good TOR campaign should be. There's humour, tragedy, great allies and epic enemies, and especially adventure! Wow, it sounds like I'm a marketing pro... ;)

  3. Good Luck!!I ask you a question,when TfW will be released??

  4. Good Luck, Francesco.

    An oooooooooooold buddy

    Profesor Tortuga

  5. Prof Tortuga!! How are you? I had a copy of Micro Monsters in my hands at the Nuremberg game fair... I hope it will be available soon!

    1. hey ! I'm doing well, thank you.

      On Trictrac, they announce MicroMonsters for March.

      Were you happy with your MM copy? I hope so. Cant wait to put my hands on it !