mercoledì 28 settembre 2011

Collateral benefits

One of my goals behind the decision to write a blog was to relax a bit, to be relieved of the stress of a period where all I am doing all day is work... but in a period of such frentic activity it is very easy to just end up commenting what you are working on. For example, one of the my more time-consuming current endeavours is following the Italian edition of The One Ring rpg, due out by the end of October.
This is quite a funny story... I originally wrote the game in English, but I didn't get to translate it in Italian. In fact, I was very happy to hand out the job to Marco Crosa, one of the best out there, who has been working on Lord of the Rings games since another age of the world. He has done an excellent job, and reading my own words in a different language has been enchanting. His translation has been edited by Amado Angulo, a polyglot Mexican you might know from page 102 of the Loremaster's Book (and whose Distinctive features include 'Keen-eyed' and 'Trusty'), and then finally revised by yours truly. I am also doing the layout work for the books, and today I finished composing the character sheet. Since I was at it, I decided I might try to tweak its layout (by Paul Bourne) a bit, to fix one problem it had: the lack of space to record a character's Cultural Weapon Skill, if he has one (not Paul's fault, but mine!). And to be fair with our English-speaking fans I thought I might do a version in English too...

So, here is a link to a .pdf for my revised version of the character sheet. I'll post a link at Cubicle 7 forums too, so if anyone has any suggestions I'll be happy to read about those there.

TOR character sheet revised

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