mercoledì 19 ottobre 2011

But wasn't the Ring supposed to be One??

I just finished working on The One Ring basic set of books! Again!! Yes, as I wrote here before, I have been working on L'Unico Anello for Giochi Uniti, 336 pages of rules and background in Italian. And finally it is over... It's been exhausting, but it seems we did it! Many thanks again go to Marco Crosa who translated it, to Amado Angulo who spent some sleepless nights checking for errors (I don't feel sorry though, he doesn't sleep anyway...) and to Marco Maggi, who made the final editing pass. Judging from the pictures taken by Federico Burchianti of Giochi Uniti who received the galley proofs it will look as magnificent as the original version from Cubicle 7/Sophisticated Games. The cherry on top is that we had the chance to include the handful of errata that were found in the English-language edition so far. So, a big thank you goes to all The One Ring early fans out there!

It's a good feeling... now I am free to pack up my things and fly to Essen, Germany, for Spiel 2011, the biggest gaming convention in the known world: I cant' wait to see what our friends at Uhrwerk have done with Der Eine Ring...  wait! Yet another ring?

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